What is Spiky Carrot?

Making small business advertising safe, simple and highly effective.

How does Spiky Carrot work?

Spiky Carrot is designed to match business owners with the perfect advertising space that has a targeted audience and doesn’t blow the budget.

You see, there are so many quirky spaces with captive audiences perfect for small businesses to promote themselves. But finding these spaces or the right business to fill them can prove tricky.

There’s no directory of coffee shop notice boards or toddler group newsletters and potential advertisers may not know about your popular magazine that goes out to everyone within a 5-mile radius and would be perfect for them.

Well, now you can simply log on to Spiky Carrot, the go-to platform for small business advertising. You can showcase your available ad spaces or opportunities, post a request for wanted ad spaces and browse for suitable matches all in one place.

Whether you want somewhere to promote your business or sell your ad space, you can get started today when you register for a free account. registering for a free account.

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If you want somewhere to advertise

Browse the ad spaces on offer

OPTION 1 Browse the ad spaces on offer

  1. Search our available ad spaces, using our filters to narrow results down and find the perfect opportunity (think geography, type of ad, audience, budget, etc.)
  2. When you find something you like the sound of, click ‘make an enquiry’ and enter your details.
  3. The ad space owner will review your request and be in touch to discuss it further before any purchases can be made.
Browse Available Listings
Tell our sellers what you’re looking for

OPTION 2 Tell our sellers what you’re looking for

  1. Create a Wanted Ad Space listing. Include details about your particular audience, preferred locations and a brief overview of your business.
  2. Your ad will be featured in the Wanted directory, where those with Ad Space for sale can browse the listing to find suitable matches.
  3. If someone thinks you’d be a good fit, they’ll be in touch with a proposal of their opportunity so you can review, discuss and negotiate a deal if a good fit.
Create Wanted Listing

If you have advertising space to sell

Advertise your ad space

OPTION 1 Advertise your ad space

  1. Create an Available Ad Space listing to describe your opportunity to businesses. You can even include details such as footfall, typical demographics and the size of the audience to help businesses decide if it’s a good fit.
  2. You can list multiple advertising spaces under one location. For example, a magazine with a range of sizes and page placements.
  3. Potential buyers who like what they see will get in touch. You can then respond to discuss it further and make the sale if it’s right.
Create Available Listing
Browse & propose your ad space

OPTION 2 Browse & propose your ad space

  1. Check out our Wanted Ad Space listings for businesses that are a good fit.
  2. To propose your available space, you’ll need to create an Available Ad Space listing.
  3. Now you can propose your ad space, tell them what you’ve got to offer and negotiate the sale.
Browse Wanted Listings

What sort of advertising
are we talking about?

Physical Ad spaces types Physical

Flyers, newspapers and magazines, billboards, notice boards, shop windows, back of toilet doors, etc.

Digital Ad spaces types Digital

Websites, emails, TV, radio, video, podcast, apps, etc.

Sponsorship Ad spaces types Sponsorship

Sports teams, awards, events, fundraisers, individuals, etc.

What is Wanted Ad Space?

These listings are created by businesses that are actively looking for advertising space or opportunities.

Search this section if you are selling advertising spaces or sponsorship.

Create a wanted listing that gives information about your business, what and why you are promoting, the type of location and type of advert and what sort of audience you are looking for so you appeal to the most suitable spaces and opportunities.

Wanted Ad Space posts are free to list.

What is Available AD Space?

These are the spaces and opportunities available for businesses to advertise in.

Search this section if you’re looking for places to promote your business.

Listing your available Ad Space in this section allows you to showcase the location and find the perfect fit advertiser by providing helpful information, such as audience size and demographics.

Available Ad Space listings carry a small fee. See our pricing page for more info.

All possible Ad Spaces are considered on Spiky Carrot. Sometimes, the quirkier, the better!

If you’ve got a space that could get a lot of attention for the right business, you can find the perfect match here and start making some extra cash.

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No, we currently don't handle creating and publishing any marketing materials. The publishers (owners) of the Ad Space and you will deal with this.

All our publishers are verified through their linked Stripe account when they sign up to the platform. We have also implemented a system that allows us to track communication between customers and publishers. If you have made a payment and do not receive the expected communication or services from the publisher within the agreed-upon timeframe, you can flag this issue to us and we will get involved.

We gladly welcome new advertisement placements from outside the UK. You can still showcase these placements on our platform. However, it's important to note that companies based outside the UK might incur a higher Stripe transaction fee.

The price for each ad is set by the individual placement publishers. Spiky Carrot does not impose any specific requirements on pricing.

Anyone posting an Available Ad Space has to link a verified Stripe account. This allows us to prove they are a legitimate organisation and issue refunds should something go wrong. Any Seeking Ad Space listings are only visible with a registered account. This is free, but we do have security in place to prevent bots from creating fake accounts. Should anyone contact you asking to take the transaction offline, we advise you to decline, as this puts you at risk of being scammed.