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The Problem With Advertising

As a small business, there isn’t always the budget to go down traditional or obvious advertising routes. Billboards, petrol pumps, bus stops… they all come at a hefty cost and aren’t very targeted.

But there are so many other advertising opportunities available if you can find them. What if you could easily find the perfect place to promote your business? Somewhere you know your target audience is likely to be, and it was in budget?

On the flip side, what if you have a great opportunity or space for a business to advertise in, such as a sports team or award sponsorship, publication, shop window or back of a busy toilet door? How do you find the perfect business to pay to advertise in the space without the hassle and legwork?

This is why Spiky Carrot exists. It’s part directory and part matchmaker to make it super simple for businesses of all sizes to find the perfect advertising space for their audience and vice versa!

Whether you want to buy or sell advertising space, you'll need to set up your free account first.

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I’m looking for somewhere to promote my business

I’m looking for somewhere to promote my business

Great! You have two options, and you can do one or both… we suggest both because the more seeds you plant, the greater the crop.

Browse the available opportunities in Available Ad Space and contact the publisher of any you like the sound of.

Create a Wanted Ad Space listing where you tell publishers what you are looking for, and they can contact you if you sound like a good fit.

It’s free to create wanted listings and to browse and contact publishers of available ad spaces, you just need to register.

I have advertising or sponsorship opportunities available

I have advertising or sponsorship opportunities available

You’re in the right allotment, friend, and you have two options once you’ve created your account.

Browse the Wanted Ad Space section for businesses that sound like the perfect fit. You can get in touch with them once you’ve created an Available Ad Space listing.

Create an Available Ad Space listing outlining all of the spaces or opportunities you have available so businesses can contact you if it’s what they are looking for.

Selling Ad Space on Spiky Carrot carries a small fee.
See our pricing page for details.

The best part is the amount of control everyone involved has over their advertising.
Both parties must agree on the advertisement's suitability before it can proceed.

So, no inappropriate adverts can be placed, and those that go ahead are highly targeted and yield better results, leading to a long-term relationship. It's a win-win!

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