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Selling Ad Spaces

To list and sell your available advertisement opportunities you will need a subscription.
This gives you the following benefits

Targeted Exposure Feature your ads in a mailing list curated for businesses actively seeking advertising opportunities.
Hassle-Free Payments Enjoy secure checkout processes, making it easy and safe to handle transactions.
Full Earnings Benefit from zero commission fees on sales, ensuring the entire sale amount goes directly to you.
Insightful Analytics Access detailed analytics to track how many users have viewed your ad listing and understand the source of your traffic.
Social Media Boost Gain additional visibility through publication on our rapidly growing social media accounts.

What is an ad space?

The Spiky Carrot subscription model is based on the total number of ad spaces.
Here are some examples of how we define ad space.

Magazine Example

If you created an ad listing for a local magazine and decided to list the following opportunities:

  • Full-page advert
  • Half-page advert

These would be classified as two ad spaces.

Event Example

Another example: if you were to run a music event with different sponsorship packages available, such as:

  • Headline Sponsor
  • Food Hall Sponsor
  • Main Stand Sponsor
  • Bronze Package
  • Silver Package
  • Gold Package

These would be classified as six ad spaces.

In the first scenario, the magazine would require the Seedling Starter Package, while the event would need the Growth Booster Package. If you are only advertising a single poster to be placed in a window, then our Seedling Package would be perfect for your needs.

As a new platform, we are currently offering six months at half price on our subscriptions, plus a 30-day trial that allows you to get started without needing to enter any payment details.
So why not give us a try today?

Subscription Plans

Monthly Plans

No tie-ins, cancel whenever you need to, your information will all remain in your account, and you can renew at any time. Our monthly plans allow you to spread the cost and manage cash flow more easily.

Best Value
£30.00 £15.00 /month
For your first 6 months, then £30.00/month
Free Trial
Suitable for micro and small enterprises
Cancel anytime
Total Ad Spaces Limit 2
That's only £15.00 £7.50 per ad if you use the full 2 ad space limit.
Best Value
£90.00 £45.00 /month
For your first 6 months, then £90.00/month
Free Trial
Suitable for small & medium enterprises
Greater Ad listing Exposure
Cancel anytime
Total Ad Spaces Limit 10
That's only £9.00 £4.50 per ad if you use the full 10 ad space limit.
Best Value
£150.00 £75.00 /month
For your first 6 months, then £150.00/month
Free Trial
Suitable for medium & large enterprises
Excellent Ad listing Exposure
Cancel anytime
Total Ad Spaces Limit 20
That's only £7.50 £3.75 per ad if you use the full 20 ad space limit.

Need something else? No problem, we’re happy to create a custom plan to fit your needs perfectly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

NO, we do not request a credit card upfront. Consequently, there will be no charge at the conclusion of your trial period.

Following the conclusion of your free trial, you can choose to extend your use by opting for a subscription plan. While you can still access to campaign sections without a subscription, you won't have the capability to access the Ad placement section.

Payment is not required until the conclusion of your free trial. We do not request your credit card details upfront, ensuring you are only charged when you choose to continue. This approach aligns with our belief in transparency and fairness. We strive to provide a service valuable enough for users to willingly subscribe, a principle embraced by numerous businesses.

Certainly, you have the flexibility to upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time. This applies to both subscribed customers and those currently on free trials.

Absolutely, you have the option to cancel at any time, and your subscription will not automatically renew. You will continue to have full access to the ad placement sections until the expiration date of your subscription.

NO, the wanted section of Spiky Carrot is entirely free to use, and there will be no charge to post a seeking ad or to inquire about advertising opportunity.

When it comes to handling payments on our website, we've partnered with Stripe to ensure a secure and seamless experience for our customers. Stripe is a trusted and widely recognized payment processing platform that provides robust security measures and features for both businesses and customers.