The Spiky Carrot Story

I’m Chris founder of Spiky Carrot

Hi, I’m Chris.

I’m a web developer by trade and founder of Spiky Carrot, and I’d love to tell you how it came to be.

I have a busy brain that loves solving problems, and I’m really passionate about creating useful applications that make a positive difference in the world.

So much so that I gave up a permanent job and became a contractor to have more time to work on these creative solutions.

One of which is a website for clever, crafty folk to sell their handmade wares.

Small Market soon became populated with an array of beautiful handmade items, but I quickly realised the hardest part was marketing the website.

After talking to various people about this problem, randomly, an agent got in touch asking if Small Market would be interested in advertising on a banner at some martial arts cage fights.

This didn’t feel like the right audience for the site, but it made me look for other, more suitable places.

That’s when I noticed how many people were on social media trying to get sponsorships or sell advertising space in their business premises, publications, or local clubs.

This got me thinking. Each space has a certain type of audience, so if it is matched with the right business, suddenly, the marketing becomes much more effective.

And it seemed plenty of people were desperately trying to find businesses that needed advertising space.

My brain got to work, seeing and solving the problem before me.

There are numerous small businesses that could really benefit from placing carefully targeted adverts - and plenty of quirky spaces with niche audiences to advertise in… yet nothing existed to bring the two together!

It was a laborious process to either find suitable and affordable advertising space with the ideal audience or find buyers for said spaces. Most often, the spaces were left empty and small businesses were missing out.

So… Spiky Carrot was born!

I created a platform to connect small businesses with their ideal advertising spaces.

A place where small businesses can find the perfect location, audience and budget for their advert so they can optimise ad spend and enjoy greater results.

Where those with advertising space can find businesses that are a perfect fit and so provide extra value to the audience by being more relevant and useful.

Ok, I know what you’re thinking…

My brain got to work, seeing and solving the problem before me

Why is it called
Spiky Carrot?!

Well, because I wanted a name that made people wonder what the business is.
To create intrigue, instead of eye rolls the minute people read words such as ‘marketing’ or ‘advertising’.

Whether you have an advertising opportunity or you’re a small business looking to target a specific audience, you can find your perfect match here on Spiky Carrot.

The platform has been carefully designed to give the user as much control as possible so you can find your perfect advertising match.

How it Works