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"Journey" magazine is the premier destination for all things outdoor adventure. Our pages are filled with thrilling stories, expert tips, and stunning photography that celebrate the spirit of exploration and the beauty of the great outdoors. From epic hiking trails to adrenaline-pumping extreme sports, "Journey" covers it all, inspiring readers to embrace adventure and seek new experiences in nature.

Audience reach

With "Journey," your brand can reach outdoor enthusiasts on a regular basis. Our magazine is published monthly, ensuring that your advertisement receives maximum exposure among our dedicated readership. Whether you're promoting gear, travel destinations, or outdoor experiences, advertising in "Journey" guarantees visibility and impact month after month.

Other information

When you advertise with "Journey," you're connecting with a dynamic and engaged audience of outdoor enthusiasts. Our readership includes:

Active individuals aged 18-55 who are passionate about outdoor activities and adventure.

Outdoor adventurers who enjoy a wide range of pursuits, including hiking, camping, rock climbing, skiing, mountain biking, and more.

Travel enthusiasts who seek immersive and authentic experiences in nature and remote destinations.

Health and wellness enthusiasts who prioritize an active lifestyle and enjoy spending time outdoors for fitness and relaxation.

Nature lovers who are environmentally conscious and value sustainability in their outdoor pursuits.

Don't miss the opportunity to showcase your brand to our vibrant community of outdoor enthusiasts. Advertise with "Journey" today and let your message inspire the next great adventure!

Available ad spaces

Reference CAU-SK5H
Available Until 09/08/2024 18:19:00
Price £45.00 Fixed
£45.00 Fixed

Covers half the size of the magazine in black and white

1 False False
Reference 81G-LOVD
Available Until 09/08/2024 18:17:00
Price £55.00 Fixed
£55.00 Fixed

Cover half the size of the magazine, printed in colour

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Reference KWN-MGSH/MO
Available Until 28/08/2024 12:30:00
Price £225.00 Fixed
£225.00 Fixed

Ad space located inside the content of our articles.

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Getting around 200 new readers each month


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