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Small Market the go-to platform for shoppers looking for unique, high-quality products from small and independent sellers. Our website attracts a diverse audience of engaged and loyal customers who value craftsmanship, sustainability, and personalized shopping experiences.

We currently host over 200 unique sellers offering amazing handmade products, attracting significant daily traffic. This makes it an excellent opportunity to advertise your business or service on our site.

Audience reach

Our visitors are passionate about supporting small businesses and discovering one-of-a-kind items. By advertising with us, you’ll connect directly with consumers who are eager to find what you offer.

Our users spend quality time browsing through our curated marketplace, resulting in higher visibility and engagement for your ads.

Boost your brand’s visibility and reputation by showcasing your products to an audience that values unique and high-quality offerings.

Other information

Join the thriving community at Small Market and elevate your business. Get your ad in front of both sellers and buyers who value handmade gifts and support small businesses.

Available ad spaces

Reference WVL-700D
Available Until 23/08/2024
Item Production Excluded
Price £50 Monthly
£50 Monthly

Static image with no rotation of the image for set amount of time.

1 20 10 False False
Reference JYH-1P44
Available Until 23/08/2024
Item Production Excluded
Price £80 Monthly
£80 Monthly

Advertise directly to Small Market sellers by targeting their dashboard with an available ad block sized 350 by 263.

1 20 5 False False

Useful facts & statistics

Total vistors a day

100 Daily

Most people accesses and viewing this ad space will access it on

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