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We have an incredible sponsorship opportunity for forward-thinking businesses.

Cheshire Woman Awards celebrates women for all walks of life in an annual event and we need businesses to make this happen.

The history of Cheshire Woman of the Year Award dates back to 1985 and has always aimed to recognise and honour some amazing women. The first lunch was quite small and was held at Cholmondeley Castle and raised funds for Dr Barnardos. It became an annual event and was held in Chester Town Hall for many years.

From 1995, the award has supported the NSPCC’s work in Cheshire and Wirral. Women who are nominated must live, work or have been born within the old boundaries of Cheshire.

They are not necessarily public figures but women from every walk of life who have achieved either outstanding professional success, shown personal courage or given considerable service to the community. They are often unsung heroines.

The award is the perfect opportunity to provide truly worthy women with the recognition they deserve – recognition they might never otherwise receive. Over two and a half thousand women have been nominated and invited to the lunch since 1985. Sponsorship of the event has raised almost £300,000 to help some of the most vulnerable children in Cheshire and Wirral.

The Committee of the Cheshire Woman Award Society look for nominations throughout the year. They do this by publicising the event in the press and local media and through many professional and voluntary networks. The range of nominations the Committee receive each year is quite inspiring.

There are many ways to support this prestigious and worthy event.

A donation towards the cost of programmes, pre-lunch champagne and table wine or table gifts helps to maximise the money raised for the NSPCC. And advertisements in this commemorative programme are especially welcome! Practical offers of help – with our website for example – would also be appreciated.

The event is organised entirely by volunteers who give their time, skills and enthusiasm to create a very special day.

Sponsorship Opportunities

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